Why children cannot watch TV until 11

Emanuel Castillo
2 min readMar 18, 2022

It is important to teach children why they cannot watch TV until they are 11 or younger because watching TV could affect their brain development.

This may cause that their creativity could be compromised at that age. So, instead of watching TV they can develop their creativity and spend time through dynamic games, social interaction and physical activities with other children or other people as long as they are watched by their parents.

With table games children can also interact with their parents, interact with other children or other people, this will help also to get their parent-child relationship better, create more confidence in themselves (children), confidence in the parents to talk to their children and keep children away from the idea of watching TV.

Nowadays that we are in the “internet-era” is crucial and fundamental to take care of what children watch on internet because internet might be a nice place to learn and grow as a person but it might also be a place where children could find non-appropriate things for them at that age.

Now that you are done with the reading, I would like to know your opinion about this topic, feel free to comment and do not hesitate, all comments and ideas are welcome as long as you show respect for others. Comment below, I will be watching all comments and giving feedback to all of you. 🫂

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